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Georgetown Pilates
Georgetown Pilates was opened in 2009 with a committment to change bodies through classical pilates instruction and muscle activation techniques. Owne
Kailua Pilates
The studio is located in the epicenter of wellness in Kailua town. An anchor of Uluniu Street is Kailua Square. The building feels like the last bohem
Core Studio Pilates
Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Monroe, North Carolina, our studio has a private, airy and relaxing atmosphere. The fully equipped, eco-frie
Suzanne Smithson
I made a promise with myself a long time ago that I would follow my heart wherever it took me. This page is a way of sharing my experience of daring t
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PilatesPal Shows Commitment to Community
From an upcoming press release we are honored to be presented in such a wonderful light. We are ...
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For Studio Owners..... Quick Tips for Creating Videos for Marketing
For business owners: Here are a few quick tips on how to get started on your videos for your ...
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10 Steps to Prevent Inflammation
10 Steps to Prevent Inflammation Step One: Be mindful of your consumption of industrial ...
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What's Your Opinion?
A response to the article The Pilatespocalypse, by Annie Lowry of the NY Magazine.
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RECAP: After 30 days of Pilates
My first 30 sessions of Pilates has changed the way I look at fitness.
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FREE GIFT! Attending the PMA Conference?
We are curious who is planning to attend the PMA Conference in Denver this year? A FREE GIFT for ...
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Locate the ideal studio for you in your local area or at your destination if traveling!
Find a Pilates instructor that best fits your needs in your local neighborhood or current location.
Discover and perform your favorite Pilates exercises on DVD. There are several categories to choose from...
Books, Magazines & references
Explore and learn from the collection of Books, Magazines and other references about Pilates!
Equipment, Machines & Products
Find Pilates machines, products, and various other equipment just right for your needs.
Clothing & Apparel
Check out the latest trends in Pilates wear to make you look and feel your best while giving you the comfort you're looking for in your clothes
Search the latest Pilates music to compliment any Pilates workout.
Find amazing pieces of Pilates art. See works of photographers, artists and other creative minds that have made pieces of Pilates art.
Online Classes and Exercise
Complete exercises at any time of the day you would like! View exercises online and add to your Pilates workouts!
Exercise Clips
View video clips of Pilates exercises from the Pilates Pal Providers on the site! Learn a few things and have fun!
Instructor Training
Learn how to become a Pilates instructor. Find the Pilates Training program that is right for you.
Online Instructor Training
Learn from home... and increase your skills as an instructor - all on-line. See what the Pilates Pal Providers are offering!
Workshops, Retreats & Conferences
Check out the upcoming workshops, retreats and conferences. Open for Pilates enthusiasts and Instructors!
Local Community Events
Find the local community events for Pilates in your area or your current location!
Used Equipment and Machines For Sale
Find USED Pilates machines, products, and various other equipment just right for your needs
Instructor Exercise Classes for Instructors
See what fun classes are being offered in your area for you as an instructor... "Instructors teaching Instructors!"
Job Opportunities
Discover your new career in Pilates or list a current position that is available at your studio!
Learn what's new in Pilates and current research!
Learn more about those that have a passion for Pilates and are out there in the community speaking and teaching it!
History of 1st and 2nd Generation Instructors
Read bios and hear about the 1st and 2nd generation Pilates instructors
Find out more about organizations that have been created to help inspire and continue to enhance the quality of Pilates.
Apply for Pilates scholarships to either take classes or start the path to becoming a Pilates instructor!
Advice & Consultation for Studio Owners and Instructors
Discover what can help make your Pilates Business grow and reach more people!
Marketing Books, Media, & Web-design
Find the best book, media-type-service or Pilates Web-designer that will help grow your Pilates Business!
Equipment Maintenance & Repair
Find providers who offer repair and maintenance services for your Pilates equipment and machines.