One Person's Journey to Owning a Pilates Studio Now Open in Corvallis OR

Jean Chen Smith is the proud new owner of Studio Cloud 9, a Pilates studio in Corvallis, Oregon now open to residents of the community.  She shares her journey of becoming an owner in this article as well. [...] Read more

MindBody Offering is Showcased in a Technical Chart

The Mindbody Inc. has shown a great deal of activity at the stock market and recently they demonstrated to potential investors what their software has to offer via a technical chart.  Mindbody is a scheduler of sorts for Pilates studios and classes, [...] Read more

The Ohio Chapter of the National Parkinsons Foundation Announces Cleveland Moving Day

Cleveland Moving Day to be held June 17th at Wade Oval in University Circle from 12:30 to 4:pm.  The event will be a fundraiser in support of Parkinson's disease and will feature several activities including Pilates. [...] Read more

Businesses in Madison, Wisconsin Serve Senior Adults Needs Including Community Living that Offers Pilates

Madison, Wisconsin meeting the needs of their senior community through various business offering including providing communities for folks in their golden years who incorporate Pilates as available activity. [...] Read more

2017 Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Indian Wells, CA

In case you haven't heard or seen the dates for the 2017 PMA Conference, it's October 25 - 28th in Indian Wells, California. [...] Read more

New Pilates Studio for Residents of Long Island City

Long Island City Pilates on Jackson Avenue is a new studio for residents of the city in New York.  Plus, the equipment used in the studio is created locally by Pilates Designs by Basil. [...] Read more

Annual Employee Development Day for NAU Includes Pilates

The 2017 Annual NAU Employee Development Day is happening May 24th and Pilates is included in the offerings. [...] Read more

2017 Pilates Education Summit with Trent McEntire

The McEntire 2017 Pilates Education Summit will be held July 14th and 15th in Rochester, Michigan with a focus on Parkinson's disease with a session on Pilates and Parkinsons. [...] Read more

Free Parasetter Fascia Release and Joint Mobilization Manual

The Physical Mind Institute is offering a fascia release and joint mobilization manual Marika Molnar PT for free. [...] Read more

Hatch - A Sanctuary for Mothers

Deemed a place of serenity for moms, both to be and current, provides a place for exercise including Pilates, as well as companionship and education. Located on Lancaster Ave., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [...] Read more