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Personalized Pilates is over 2,000 square feet and has 19 instructors. The studio boasts the top of the line Balanced Body Pilates equipment – and a lot of it! There are 7 reformers (one with a tower),7 jump boards, 4 towers, 2 combo chairs, 4 EXO chairs, 4 spine correctors, 4 ladder barrels, 4 baby arcs, 2 Pilates arcs, a Cadillac, an Arm Chair, a Ped-a-Pul, a Pilates wedge, a foot corrector, a toe corrector, a bean bag, Bosus, foam rollers, Swiss balls, wobble boards, Triad balls and much more. Our focus is helping people to create new neuro-muscular patterns so that the muscles are balanced around each joint. This will allow clients to move more efficiently, reduce or eliminate pain and prevent injuries. While working for optimal body mechanics, the body will naturally slim down, attain better posture and strengthen the core. Our goal is to help clients get in touch with their bodies so that they can correct their posture and mechanics on their own and eventually it will become automatic in their body to use correct alignment. The development of the mind body connection will increases the ability to focus mentally as well as the auditory skills. And we do all of this while having fun! We offer many forms of Pilates in order to accommodate every budget, schedule and limitation. Clients can take private lessons, semi private lessons, classes, or iPilates. iPilates is expert personal instruction delivered through audio technology on the reformer, tower, chair and barrels. It is not offered anywhere else in the world. Our classes are limited to 3 people and utilize all of the Pilate equipment on a rotating basis. Our lesson plans are strategically designed to maximize your results and never allow you to plateau. All of our instructors are specialists in pregnancy and post-partum, post rehabilitation and athletic enhancement techniques. We tailor all of our teaching to the needs of the client in front of us – Personalized Pilates!
You can find us here:
5010 E. Shea Blvd. Suite A201