Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates & Wellness Center

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Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates and Wellness Center is a unique studio in the North Phoenix Area offering private and group Pilates sessions. - Instructors are trained in movement dysfunction, anatomy, physiology and injury prevention - Classes integrate current advances in orthopedic research, sports medicine and other mind-body movement principles - Classes are designed and directed by on-site licensed Physical Therapists (all classes can be modified for your health conditions if needed) - Taught by certified instructors who are committed to the journey of professional excellence and life-long learning with the latest information - Targeted to enhance individualized posture, strength, flexibility and performance. It is key to learn Pilates correctly, in the correct form and advance as your body is ready. We have programs available for all levels and abilities to start changing the way you feel and move. Moving correctly keeps your joints healthier and decreases the strain on muscles and tendons. Experience the difference...
Pilates Training Program : Polestar Pilates, Stott
You can find us here:
20325 N. 51st Ave B6, Ste 148
Glendale, Arizona 85308
United States


Lynn Peters 2 years ago
Finally an excellent, comprehensive Pilates studio in the NW Valley of Phoenix. I couldn't be more pleased with the skilled instructors and well appointed studio. I received caring and effective physical therapy treatment and continue to enjoy group reformer classes. All of the staff is warm, friendly and professional. This is the premier center to help you heal injuries, learn about your body and gain fitness and strength!
Pam Ackermann 2 years ago
I do not like to exercise very much. BUT I love my Pilates! For the past three years I have enjoyed increased flexibility, energy, and well-being. I find that if I miss a few classes, my body tells me to go back to Pilates! Michelle greets me with a smiling face and great attitude. Heather Brummett and Ade are great instructors, keeping the routines fun and interesting. I have gained wonderful muscle toning, improved balance and an awareness of my body that benefits me each day. I have become aware of the positions I should place my body in when lifting, reaching or squatting, thereby reducing injury to my back and neck. Balanced Physical Therapy is a great place to go to help yourself and your body.
Mary Beth Finkey 2 years ago
I have been practicing Pilates at Balanced Physical Therapy for just about 5 years. I just LOVE coming here! Pilates is one of the best ways to grow old gracefully (BTW I am 63). The instructors ensure the correct posture and movement, making it extremely rewarding. I have fun with my partners: I am challenged, rewarded and find it both mentally and spiritually fulfilling. I recently had shoulder surgery and cannot participate in my Pilates passion and miss it sooooo very much. Hopefully will be back soon. Give it a try!!!
Marianne Friedman 2 years ago
My cousin talked me into trying pilates at Balanced Physical Therapy and I have been there for over 3 years now and love it. It is hard to find a class that balances strength, conditioning, stretch and coordination. I feel like my body has become stronger, leaner and more flexible through this practice. I attend class three times a week. My instructor (Ade) s constantly challenging me to do things I never thought I would be able to do. He is constantly aware of limitations each individual student has in the class and works with them to continue to improve. It is a wonderful, friendly place and I can't recommend it highly enough!
Vi Pope 2 years ago
In my efforts to look and feel younger as I got older, I was intrigued by and interested in incorporating Pilates into my exercise regimen. Because of hearing and joint problems, I struggled in a large Pilates class in a gym setting so I gave up. In my online research for solutions for my muscular-skeletal issues, I found Balanced Physical Therapy with it's unique approach of one therapist, one patient one hour specialized treatment model. I was impressed with its welcoming feeling,friendly staff and therapist's expertise. Once my therapy was complete, I was encouraged to join the Restorative Pilates class with other former patients. Taught by PT's who are also certified Pilates instructors, they are sensitive to individual needs in this group setting. What a win-win situation!!! Participating in Pilates for the past 15 months has me hooked!! Because the classes are challenging, my body awareness, strength and balance has greatly improved, as well as my confidence level. Participating in Pilates at Balanced Physical Therapy is like being a member of a really cool club. What a fun experience it is!
Heather Bednorz 2 years ago
I was referred to Balanced Physical Therapy after a car accident. I'm so glad I was referred to them! Heather and her team provided excellent, compassionate care. I learned about Pilates during my physical therapy and am now a big fan. I can't believe how much better my body feels and functions. The Pilates teachers are well versed in anatomy and physiology as well as Pilates, so they're great at modifying exercises and suggesting ways to move that support ongoing health. They challenge us to keep pushing our limits so we continue to see improvement and don't get bored. I'm so grateful for this fun and challenging Pilates program!
Susan Williams 2 years ago
I’ve been taking Pilates classes at Balanced PT for four years and I’m hooked. Our class provides a total workout with emphasis on correct form to maximize my range of motion and flexibility. At each class there is a new routine that makes the workout challenging and rigorous. Pilates has made all the difference in my flexibility, weight maintenance and my overall feeling of well being. The facility is clean and the equipment is well maintained. Best of all, the instructors are educated and are highly qualified. I love them all! Taking Pilates classes at Balanced PT has become one of the most important parts of my week that I’ll never give up. :) Balance PT has fantastic Pilates classes. The place to go for serious exercise with great instruction!
Terrie Woods 2 years ago
I have been attending classed at Balanced Pilates for over 2 years. I have become stronger, more fit, and feel wonderful! I had a knee replacement and was completing my PT at another facility and they recommended that I go to Pilates classes at Balanced. I consider that a high recommendation coming from a competitor. The classes at Balanced have a limited number of students which allows the instructor the ability to focus on what everyone is doing. They are a dedicated staff, friendly, and a very clean facility. The equipment is top notch. I would recommend Ade, Heather, and Balanced to anyone and everyone looking for Pilates classes.