Black Bird Pilates

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Located five blocks from the beach and perched above a courtyard in an historic Santa Monica building, Blackbird Pilates provides a private atmosphere with a relaxed vibe perfect for those who crave something different from the usual studio. Whether toning for a wedding day or dropping baby weight, strengthening for an upcoming marathon or general rehabilitation, Blackbird instructors are committed to guiding each client to their respective goals. Every private and group Blackbird session focuses on building strength, developing core control, improving posture, and increasing flexibility and joint mobility. Blackbird Pilates truly is the perfect place to tone, tighten and transform your body all the while in a tranquil environment. And, don't forget the extra perk... the in-house dog, Harley! The sweetest little mutt in Santa Monica!
You can find us here:
522 Wilshire Blvd. Suite D
Santa Monica, California 90401
United States