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When you step into Blue Sky Pilates you will immediately feel the positive energy generated by the high ceilings, the open air feeling that natural light brings into a space, and the friendly, caring staff at your disposal to help you achieve your fitness goals. At Blue Sky Pilates the certified instructors will teach each client how to engage his or her deep core muscles using Pilates breathing techniques and movement patterns in a one-on-one private session. Once this basic technique is established, the extensive Pilates equipment will be utilized to continually challenge the body in new ways. While many individuals prefer these private sessions, clients will also be able to select from a vast array of group classes, both on the equipment using spring loading, and on the mat using body resistance. Blue Sky Pilates will be open six days per week, with both classes and private sessions from early morning to early evening hours. We are committed to offering a variety of classes that meet the needs of all ages and abilities. OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE SUPERIOR INSTRUCTORS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, IN A FRIENDLY, CARING AND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT, ALLOWING YOU TO STRENGTHEN BOTH YOUR BODY AND YOUR MIND. When you walk out the door after your session you will feel energized. You’ll have done something for yourself as well as your loved ones, who all want you to thrive in this demanding world. You will always leave glad that you came, and will look forward to returning soon, guaranteed!
You can find us here:
6411 Platt Ave.
West Hills, California 91307
United States