Pilates Studio of Reno

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Established in 2004, The Pilates Studio of Reno features apparatus that Joseph Pilates designed. Our training although “classical” integrates most of the equipment within each session. This is where we have raised the bar. Our Pilates classes are unique and well planned, with innovative twists to the classical themes that always keep them new and addictive. Reformers and Towers, Jumpboards and Kettlebelss, Dumbbells and Therapy Bands, combo classes have become a vital part of our training. And our latest additon to the Studio, "Ballet Bars" that give an extensive variety and challenge to class in an entirely new way. Our certified instructors create Pilates workouts to keep you seeing results and reaching your unique goals. Classes are classical but dynamic, and tons of choreography to keep it fun and effective.
You can find us here:
45 Foothill Rd. Suite #2
Reno, Nevada 89511
United States