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ONLINE COURSES THAT ROCK! Powerful, interactive, self-guided courses for teachers at ANY stage! Ala carte or subscription-based enrollment in these innovative and self-directed courses is convenient, interactive, and effective. Why Skillful Teaching Online Courses? All of the online courses that I offer are “real-life” courses, filmed while actually teaching. I’m not teaching to the camera. I’m teaching to YOU. This means you get to hear other teachers ask meaningful, relevant and intelligent questions that you are likely asking yourself. And you can actually interact with me via the online platform. Every ST online course is hosted by an awesome educational platform called The coolest thing about ALL of the ST online courses is that they are self-directed AND you can interact with me via the discussion boards. You buy it. You keep it. And, not to mention you can download almost 100% of the material to keep forEVER! So many online courses these days you have to access within a certain period of time. Not mine! From the video to the printed material, you get to keep almost all of it (there are exceptions). In my opinion that makes it WORTH EVERY PENNY! Check out the offerings at
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