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Deborah Lessen has sourced and custom made almost all of her equipment and accessories since opening the Greene Street Studio in 1983. Some of these products cannot be found in the marketplace. It is with great pleasure that DEBORAH LESSEN PILATES will now make these products available to you! We hope that you consider utilizing them in YOUR Pilates environment. DEBORAH LESSEN PILATES launched the best trapeze table ever! at the 2012 PMA conference. The prototype has been used constantly at the Greene Street Studio for over 30 years and is still going strong! trap-tableBased on the Trapeze Tables Mr. Pilates built for Carola, DEBORAH LESSEN PILATES has upscaled the traditional apparatus for 21st century bodies. it is longer, wider, stable and SOLID. The polished aluminum frame has a larger diameter enhancing the grip for feet and hands. It comes beautifully dressed with leather Trapeze and Hanging Straps and DEBORAH LESSEN PILATES Springs and Foot Straps. TRAPEZE TABLE MEASUREMENTS: Length: 96 inches Width: 32 inches Height: 81 inches Mat height: 22 inches Aluminum frame diameter: 2 inches Fill out the form below to order your trapeze table at the INTRODUCTORY PRICE $5700.