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The Pilates method has been redefining bodies and changing lives for nearly a century, and Peak Pilates® is committed to carrying on this tradition, using the most powerful and cutting edge Pilates equipment on the market. Since 1996, we have been providing superior Pilates equipment machines and educating the public about how to get the most from this unparalleled exercise method. But at Peak Pilates, we're not just about Pilates equipment. We specialize in Pilates-education and programming, and we can equip you with the tools, the knowledge and the credentials necessary to start teaching your very own Pilates classes. With the right instruction and guidance, you can make a career out of changing people's lives. We can even offer you valuable information on how to open your very own studio. If you're just looking for Pilates equipment or Pilates accessories, explore our Pilates shop and find exactly what you need. We carry a wide range of equipment, including reformers, barrels, mats, chairs, springs, DVDs and so much more. Most importantly, we maintain very high standards when it comes to our Pilates equipment, and we only carry the most effective, powerful equipment available. If you're looking to achieve real results, look no further. If you would like to learn more about our Pilates Certification Programs, please visit our Pilates Professionals page and learn all of the essentials about how to become an instructor, how to achieve varying levels of certification, and even how to turn your Pilates hobby into a lucrative and rewarding career. We also offer a wealth of valuable information to existing fitness professionals. Learn how Peak Pilates can help you to revolutionize your own fitness empire, and receive practical tips on how to take your own health—and the health of your students—to staggering new heights. Peak Pilates isn't just about providing high-quality Pilates equipment. We are committed to helping people achieve greatness. So explore our site and become a Pilates success story. If you can't find the products or information that you're looking for, please give our Pilates consultants a call at 800.925.3674 or email us at Your good health is the most important asset that you have, and at Peak Pilates, we want you to feel like you're at the top of your game everyday!.
You can find us here:
2111 Narcissus Court
Venice, California 90291
United States