FAQs – Answers to Questions Most Asked by Our Providers

Why can't I use the same email address to become a Pilatespal member and Provider?

Because each profile is a separate account, the same email address cannot be used for both accounts. We recommend using your personal email address for a Pilatespal member account, and a business or other email address for a Pilatespal Provider account.

What is duplicate content and why can't I post it on the site?

Duplicate content is simple the same content found on other sites.  It is simply an article or blog post  found on multiple sites.  If an article or blog post is already posted somewhere else online, it can't be shared on the site because it comes duplicate content.  Search engines have algorithms  to looks for duplicate contents and will prevent sites showing up in search engines because of that.

Can I post an article on the site that I've posted somewhere else?

If additional information, pictures, different titles, etc., can be incorporated with the similar content in the article, then that can be posted as an article or on your blog site.

What was the basis for choosing the primary categories?

Extensive research and analysis went into finding the categories that are searched upon most frequently by people who are looking online for Pilates information.
What is the difference between the primary and secondary keywords?

Keywords are the words people type into Google and other search engines to find specific information.  The primary keywords are those associated with or related to the primary categories.  Secondary keywords are those associated or related to secondary categories.
How will becoming a provider on PilatesPal.com help me and my business or studio?

By becoming a provider you get more visibility with the people who are looking for the services you have to offer.  These people are the members of the Pilatespal community and your listing is shown to the ones who have marked your services as an interest.  Plus, you will be brought to the forefront when those members search for the services you have to offer.
What if a category or keyword I want is not listed?

There are two options available if a category or keyword is not available.  There is an "other" option which allows you to fill in the specific information you want.  Or, contact us with your request and we'll be happy to consider adding it as an option.

Why can’t subscriptions be changed immediately?

The program used for billing is limited to changes at the beginning of every month.
Why can’t I personally contact a member?

Maintaining member privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  Therefore, contact with that member is only allowed if prior consent is given by the member to allow for contact.
What happens to my account if I don’t make a payment?

The account will be disabled and invisible to members for a short period of time until the payment is made.  Upon bringing the billing up to date, your account is enabled with all of the information kept intact. If a payment isn’t made in the time frame required for enabling the account, it will be deleted.
How will I know if anyone is looking at my listing?

Reports will be provided at the end of each month to indicate the number of views via clicks on your (ad?) and number of clicks on the link out to your site. 

How come gym and fitness facilities aren't allowed to sign-up for a subscription?

Pilatespal.com was designed to specifically address the needs of Pilates studios and small business owners, helping enthusiasts all over the world find the trained, skilled professionals in the studio environment. 
Contact us at info@pilatespal.com for any additional questions not showing here.