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Our mission is to help connect the Pilates family all over the world. Our goal is to be your number 1, high quality resource center for everything Pilates.  We are bringing together all aspects associated with Pilates to one place. This site is where you will find everything that you need and exactly what you’re looking for ON ONE SITE!

It is our desire to build a strong Pilates community made up of students, teachers, small business owners and friends!!  At this site you’ll have the ability to interact with other Pilates Pals, blog and find Pilates classes, instructors, and private studios all across the world. You’ll also have access to ALL the latest Pilates exercises, Pilates equipment, DVDs, books and magazines, clothing, Pilates instruction courses, business advice and much more.

Most of all Pilatespal.com, Inc was created for you, the Pilates enthusiast to help you find everything you need when it comes to Pilates ~ Enjoy!!

We are a group of 3 with unique backgrounds in taking Pilates since 1991, teaching Pilates since 2002, professional dance, fitness, and medical: physical therapy and pharmacy.  We created this site because we were inspired by the work of Joseph Pilates and his vision of everyone to have whole body health, whole body commitment and overall be happy.  We were wanting to unite all Pilates businesses and Pilates enthusiasts together to share what we ALL have to offer Pilates.  All Pilates companies, big and small, are on here!

As we grow....
 Pilates Pal supports/funds:

        PilatesPal Member Scholarships for those wanting to take a series of classes (Pilates studio of your choice)
        PilatesPal Member Scholarships for those wanting to become instructors (Pilates program of your choice)
        The MPC Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Arizona (Heather's brother, Michael)
        The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

We look forward to building the Pilates Pal community for all of you to interact and learn more of all that Pilates has to offer everyone! 

Become members and/or providers and connect!!  Have fun!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Heather, Jason, & Jolene

Toll free within the United States: (800) 925-6441
e-mail: info@pilatespal.com

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