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Bodywork for Life uses a multidisciplinary approach to successfully treat musculoskeletal pain and injuries and promote healthy living. Many individuals follow a plan of care integrating Massage Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Pilates and Movement Therapy. Singularly, these are highly effective treatment modalities, and together they complement one another. Bodywork for Life offers the most innovative and extensive therapeutic treatments proven to be successful in relieving pain, restoring mobility and balance, increasing strength and flexibility, enhancing athletic performance, accelerating healing time for injuries and surgeries, and providing optimum health and wellness. The body is capable of healing, although it sometimes needs a guiding hand to strengthen that ability. Our staff is highly trained, fully certified professionals that are compassionate and committed to facilitating the healing within. We offer guidance, support and professional care, empowering individuals of all ages and abilities to maximize function and minimize symptoms. We treat your body as an integrated whole focusing on permanent pain relief. Rather than treating just the symptom, we treat the cause and eliminate the problem.
You can find us here:
7629 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #118
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
United States