What has Pilates Done for You?

by Pilates pal

We posed a question on the Pilatespal Facebook page.  That question was, "What has Pilates done for you?"  We asked the question because we were interested in learning about how Pilates contributed to overall health and well-being.  

We received several responses and wanted to share them here as we believe that these testimonials will help give insight to the benefits of Pilates when it comes to overall health and fitness.  And it is our hope that they will also encourage others to either begin or continue with their Pilates endeavors so that they too can experience the benefits Pilates can bring. 

Thank you all who shared with us their experience.  We LOVED hearing these responses and learning of the diversity of Pilates and it's benefits to enthusiasts.  We would love to hear more that you'd like to share.
Send them along and we'll add to this article.

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